Friday, August 26, 2005

Inflammation The Root of All Illness?
Health Sentinel - Jul 26, 2005 Inflammation is an integral part of the immune system. We re all familiar with inflammation. When you re cut it becomes red

Hormone-like molecule kills cells that cause inflammation in
Medical News Today (press release), UK - 22 hours ago "Because mast cells cause inflammation, regulating how many mast cells the body makes, where they go, what they do, and when they die can have a huge impact on

Business briefs
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, NY - Aug 24, 2005 People with this condition experience recurring inflammation of the posterior segment of the eye, which contains blood vessels that supply parts of the eye

New Imaging Technology Shown To Detect Pancreatic Inflammation In
Science Daily (press release) - Aug 19, 2005 to rapid assessment of the effectiveness of therapeutic intervention - has been the lack of direct, non-invasive technologies to visualize inflammation in the

Gene Linked to Age-Related Blindness, Pakistan - Aug 23, 2005 the September issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics, the researchers report that PLEKHA1 is involved in the cellular processes related to inflammation

No West Nile worries this year
Whistler Question, Canada - 21 hours ago Studies show that in less than 1 per cent of West Nile virus cases, people can suffer from meningitis (inflammation of the brain lining and spinal cord) or

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, South Africa - 20 hours ago When the carpal tunnel becomes narrower as a result of inflammation of the surrounding tissue, the median nerve, causing tingling, numbness and pain in the

Alcon's eye pain drug approved
Pharmaceutical Business Review - 18 hours ago Alcon has received FDA approval for its new drug application for Nevanac suspension 0.1% for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with cataract

Small Cases of Athlete's Foot Can Lead to Severe Illness
Emediawire (press release), WA - 1 hour ago Cellulitis is an acute inflammation of the connective tissue of the skin, caused by infection with staphylococcus, streptococcus or other bacteria).

New Patents Strengthen EntreMed Position in Cancer and
Yahoo News (press release) - Aug 17, 2005 (Nasdaq: ENMD - News), a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and inflammation, today announced the


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