Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hepatitis A Vaccine Urged for Hep C Patients
FOX News - Aug 24, 2005 In most people, the hepatitis A virus causes a relatively mild, short-lived infection. Almost half of these were susceptible to hepatitis A infection.

Columbus Zoo Tests confirm viral infection kills young male
Columbus This Week Newspapers, OH - 18 hours ago Final results from an autopsy show 7-year-old Asian elephant Ganesh died of a viral infection from a strain of herpes that is specific to elephants, said

Former Enloe patients become infection activists
Enterprise-Record, CA - Aug 25, 2005 While at Enloe, Ann Robinson said she contracted a bacterial infection that hurt intensely and required her to take antibiotics for months.

Hepatitis C co-infection blunts response to antiretroviral therapy
Aidsmap, UK - Aug 24, 2005 Co-infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) reduces CD4 cell count gains by an average of 33 cells/mm 3 after a year of antiretroviral therapy in HIV

Infection getting out of control
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 9 hours ago Once the potential of the virus became apparent, the rate of infection slowed significantly, but it has proved impossible to eradicate.

Protection against blood-borne virus infection places legal
Ferret, Australia - Aug 24, 2005 Now the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission s Code of Practice for the prevention of blood-borne virus infection in the workplace is a legal

Spray park infection numbers climb to 3131 in 32 county area
WROC, NY - 9 hours ago The latest number on the cases of intestinal illness from a local spray park is now: 3131 over a 32 county region. The Monroe County

Aborigines' AIDS rate more than doubles in 4 years
Mainichi Daily News, Japan - 19 hours ago CANBERRA, Australia -- The AIDS infection rate among Aborigines has more than doubled in the past four years, according to a government report Thursday that

Meth Use, HIV Infection Cause Similar Brain Changes - Aug 24, 2005 Brain changes caused by a methamphetamine use or HIV infection could lead to impaired cognitive function, a new study says. The


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