Thursday, August 25, 2005

Silkworm enzyme fights inflammation in humans
Canada NewsWire (press release), Canada - Aug 2, 2005 And, more importantly, it is anticipated that serrapeptase also rids the body of inflammation. Inflammation is one of the most damaging

New Imaging Technology Shown to Detect Pancreatic Inflammation in
About Diabetes - Aug 21, 2005 Until now there has been a lack of direct, non-invasive technologies to visualize inflammation in the pancreas, an early manifestation of disease.

Inflammation's role in heart attack, TX - Aug 18, 2005 question. In this case, the question is: can intracellular signaling pathways be manipulated to reduce inflammation in blood vessels?

Direct relationship between inflammation and glucose levels, World - Jul 26, 2005 Scientists at Galileo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have demonstrated a direct relationship between inflammation and glucose levels. Through

Inflammation The Root of All Illness?
Health Sentinel - Jul 26, 2005 Inflammation is an integral part of the immune system. We re all familiar with inflammation. When you re cut it becomes red

Charlotte Sun-Herald, FL - 4 hours ago ANSWER: Here, ''myelitis'' stands for ''spinal cord inflammation.'' ''Transverse'' indicates that the inflammation crosses the entire cord from one side to the

Gene Linked to Age-Related Blindness
Forbes - Aug 22, 2005 the September issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics, the researchers report that PLEKHA1 is involved in the cellular processes related to inflammation


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