Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Behind method for activating adult stem cells, a shaggy-mouse
Stanford Report - 20 hours ago in the capture of a mouse, the chemical trigger fired up the TERT, which kicked the stem cells into action, which built up the hair follicles, which started

Furrier Mice Offer Discovery on Active Adult Stem Cells
New York Times, United States - Aug 17, 2005 drug. When the mice were given this drug, the stem cells in their hair follicles proliferated, and the mice grew extra furry coats.

Panacea in-licenses technology from NIH for hair growth
Business Standard, India - Aug 9, 2005 The technology, which is patent protected, stimulates hair growth and regenerates lost hair follicles, the company said in a statement.

Fathers Beware - The Child May Not Be Yours
Prudent Press Agency (press release), Netherlands - Aug 19, 2005 that more and more concerned fathers are visiting clinics or sending for testing kits and providing samples (check swabs, hair follicles) from themselves and

Sweat? You bet, FL - Aug 17, 2005 Located in the layer of the skin called the dermis and in nerve endings and hair follicles, a sweat gland is a long, coiled hollow tube of cells that works to


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