Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tick season takes a bite out of our furry friends
Bradenton Herald, United States - Aug 23, 2005 Under a magnifying glass, the tick is really scary looking. Often what we call "flea dirt" may be on the skin or stuck to hair follicles.

Fathers Beware - The Child May Not Be Yours
Prudent Press Agency (press release), Netherlands - Aug 19, 2005 that more and more concerned fathers are visiting clinics or sending for testing kits and providing samples (check swabs, hair follicles) from themselves and

Sweat? You bet, FL - Aug 17, 2005 Located in the layer of the skin called the dermis and in nerve endings and hair follicles, a sweat gland is a long, coiled hollow tube of cells that works to

Researchers devise new technique for creating human stem cells
Medical News Today (press release), UK - Aug 22, 2005 Eggan. "We found they could be induced to mature into nerve cells, hair follicles, muscle cells and gut endoderm cells. And, since

Carell Loses Hair Over '40-Year-Old Virgin'
WTVG, OH - Aug 20, 2005 new movie. But countless chest follicles suffered unspeakable torture, and there may have been some nipple injuries. Carell might

About face
Miami Herald, FL - 14 hours ago right after you shower when follicles are soft. Draw the shape you want with a concealer pencil; pick out hairs that fall outside that line. Hair: The truckin

Sgk3 links growth factor signaling to maintenance of progenitor
Journal of Cell Biology - Aug 15, 2005 Hair follicles undergo cycles of proliferation and apoptotic regression, offering an excellent paradigm to study how this transition is governed.

Acne agony, India - Aug 19, 2005 The oil is broken down into free fatty acids by bacterial enzymes, which causes skin inflammation and abnormal plugging of the oil glands and hair follicles.

Hair transplantation to fight baldness
Deccan Herald, India - Aug 18, 2005 Whereas in micro transplantation, more numbers of incisions are done uniformly and a few hair follicles are rooted inside them giving a uniform growth of hair.