Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Treatments have same target, different responses for lung cancer (press release) - Aug 20, 2005 The gene mutation that identifies the lung cancer patients most likely to respond to the drug gefitinib (Iressa) is not associated with a response to the drug

Scientists closer to disease treatments
Science Daily (press release) - Aug 22, 2005 Study: Skin cells turned into stem cells (August 22, 2005) -- The controversy over embryonic stem cell research may become moot with a procedure that turns

Prince plots alternative treatments for the NHS
Times Online, UK - 21 hours ago By Mark Henderson, Science Correspondent and Andrew Pierce. THE Prince of Wales has secretly commissioned a report into the benefits

Event: Experts Host Open Session on New Treatments for Advanced - Aug 21, 2005 Are you interested in new treatments for advanced breast cancer? Well, if you will be in the Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) or Boston

Cellulite treatments show promise
Contra Costa Times, CA - Aug 23, 2005 consider unsightly. Several new treatments are in the offing that actually appear to be effective at smoothing the skin. One uses

Home Skin Treatments Have Risks
CBS News - Aug 22, 2005 (CBS) Women looking for ways to get rid of wrinkles, pimples or unwanted hair are turning to do-it-yourself skin-care treatments.

VelaSmooth Reduces Cellulite For Price
Click 2, TX - 23 hours ago It feels like getting a massage," a patient known only as "Molly" said. She has had about a month's worth of treatments and said VelaSmooth worked for her.

Protein May Hold Key to Cancer Radiation Treatments
Forbes - Aug 17, 2005 WEDNESDAY, Aug. 17 (HealthDay News) -- Like other cancer treatments, radiation isn't always a cure. Tumors can come back within

Scientists closer to disease treatments
World Peace Herald, DC - Aug 22, 2005 SAN BRUNO, California -- Recent findings of embryonic-like stem cells in umbilical cord blood may improve treatments for such conditions as diabetes, CBR


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