Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Effects of Telomerase and Telomere Length on Epidermal Stem Cell
Science Magazine (subscription) - Aug 18, 2005 1B, fig. S1A, and SOM Text) (19). Interestingly, G1 Terc / hair follicles contained significantly more LRCs than did Terc +/+ follicles (Fig.

Losing your hair isn't funny
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - Aug 15, 2005 It is thought that female alopecia is the result of the immune system attacking the hair follicles - though why it does this is not known.

About face
Miami Herald, FL - 9 minutes ago right after you shower when follicles are soft. Draw the shape you want with a concealer pencil; pick out hairs that fall outside that line. Hair: The truckin

Behind method for activating adult stem cells, a shaggy-mouse
Stanford Report - 2 hours ago in the capture of a mouse, the chemical trigger fired up the TERT, which kicked the stem cells into action, which built up the hair follicles, which started

Panacea Biotec in-licenses novel technology from NIH for hair
Myiris.com, India - Aug 9, 2005 The patent protected technology for actin- binding peptide(s)/poly peptide(s) stimulates hair growth and regenerates lost hair follicles.

Tick season takes a bite out of our furry friends
Bradenton Herald, United States - Aug 23, 2005 Under a magnifying glass, the tick is really scary looking. Often what we call "flea dirt" may be on the skin or stuck to hair follicles.

Panacea in-licenses technology from NIH for hair growth
Business Standard, India - Aug 9, 2005 The technology, which is patent protected, stimulates hair growth and regenerates lost hair follicles, the company said in a statement.


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