Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No-beard policy for cops cost city 316G
Philadelphia Daily News, PA - Aug 17, 2005 Each of them suffers from a skin condition, pseudo-folliculitis barbae, or PFB, a condition that many African-American men have to endure.

Tetrasil Combats Cold Sores With Fast Acting Natural Remedy
Press Dispensary, UK - Jul 26, 2005 as combating cold sores, Tetrasil has also been found to provide fast relief from: infected wounds, insect bites, burns, bedsores, Folliculitis, yeast infection

Pool testers take a dip for safety
News & Observer, NC - Jul 31, 2005 as "swimmer's ear." Can also cause eye infections, particularly for those wearing contact lenses, and an infection of hair follicles known as folliculitis.

A bit of Zen
Rappahannock News, VA - Jul 21, 2005 facial, steam, massage and manicure package, with more masculine herbs and skin treatment that is geared toward helping prevent razor burn and folliculitis.

Salon mishap nets local woman $12K
Daily News Tribune, MA - Aug 10, 2005 The Brazilian woman said she suffered a condition called folliculitis on her legs and had to undergo hospital care and receive intravenous treatment.

Ask The Doctor: Brittle nail occur due to iron, not calcium
Peninsula On-line, Qatar - Jul 26, 2005 It sometimes causes irritations (folliculitis) which appear in the form of small boils in certain individuals. In such people waxing should be avoided.


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