Monday, August 22, 2005

Kasilof boy shears off long locks to donate to charity helping
Kenai Peninsula Online, AK - 10 hours ago Many of the children helped by Locks of Love have lost their hair due to alopecia areata an auto-immune disorder which causes hair follicles to shut down.

Panacea in-licenses technology from NIH for hair growth
Business Standard, India - Aug 9, 2005 The technology, which is patent protected, stimulates hair growth and regenerates lost hair follicles, the company said in a statement.

Head of hair hope for acid victim
BBC News, UK - Aug 10, 2005 for. "Too much tension can be put on the hair follicles, which can stop them growing, or the skin may not stretch far enough.". He

onetiredmama: Little Hair, BIG Deal
Modern Mom, CA - Aug 16, 2005 how can I trust he really has the best intuition for the fate of his follicles? Honestly, I don t think I remember having a preference about hair or clothes

Furry mice and tumor therapy
Baltimore Sun, United States - Aug 19, 2005 drug. When the mice were given this drug, the stem cells in their hair follicles proliferated, and the mice grew extra furry coats.

Losing your hair isn't funny, United Kingdom - Aug 15, 2005 It is thought that female alopecia is the result of the immune system attacking the hair follicles - though why it does this is not known.

Effects of Telomerase and Telomere Length on Epidermal Stem Cell
Science Magazine (subscription) - Aug 18, 2005 1B, fig. S1A, and SOM Text) (19). Interestingly, G1 Terc / hair follicles contained significantly more LRCs than did Terc +/+ follicles (Fig.

Fathers Beware - The Child May Not Be Yours
Prudent Press Agency (press release), Netherlands - Aug 19, 2005 that more and more concerned fathers are visiting clinics or sending for testing kits and providing samples (check swabs, hair follicles) from themselves and

Acne agony, India - Aug 19, 2005 The oil is broken down into free fatty acids by bacterial enzymes, which causes skin inflammation and abnormal plugging of the oil glands and hair follicles.

Real Hair Solutions for Thin, Flat Hair
Bella Online - Aug 15, 2005 We are born with the genetic disposition to produce a certain number of hair follicles and the use of salves and preparations will not increase that number.


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