Friday, August 19, 2005

Flawed code throttled spread of Zotob variants
CNET - 11 hours ago said that coding errors caused a few variants of the worm to send computers into a reboot loop, which meant they spent very little time spreading the infection

Infection delays selling of horses
Billings Gazette, USA - 19 hours ago By JAN FALSTAD. The outbreak of infectious vesicular stomatitis in Montana and Wyoming has prompted Billings Livestock Horse Sales

State s TB testing begins
Times-Journal, AL - 4 hours ago Bailey told parents that just because a student has been exposed to TB or even tests positive for infection, that doesn t necessarily mean that that the

Asphodel-Norwood - residents see need for Toronto neonatal
Stirling Community Press, Canada - 12 hours ago A new and expanded neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for Women s College Hospital would decrease the risk of infection, open up space for doctors and

40 people die from pig-borne bacteria
ABC Online, Australia - 23 hours ago An expert on the infection that's so far claimed 40 lives, says he's concerned about China's ability to handle the outbreak and wants it to provide him with a


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